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Membership Information:

Our Elected Officers:

President      Terry Gulczynski
V. Pres            Michael Boyles
Treasurer       Bill Perry           
Secretary       Joe Friend        

  • For New Membership Inquiries, contact Bill Perry

  • Other Club business, contact Terry Gulczynski

  • Website Issues:

How to Join:

Modelers interested in joining our club are encouraged to come out for a few days and check out the field and talk to members.  If you decide to join, please bring the following information:

- Current AMA card (link below to sign up if needed)

        - Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

- Current FAA Registration (link to sign up page below)

        - FAA Drone/UAS (Unmanned Aerial System)

- Completed Membership Application, County Waiver and Dues

         - Current dues are noted in Membership Application

Membership Application:    County Waiver:

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