DBRCA - Field Rules

Daytona Beach RC Association (DBRCA) Field Rules:

DBRCA has established Field Rules that all Members and Guests must abide by.  By joining DBRCA, or being a Guest of a member, you agree to follow these rules.

General Rules:

1) All members must sign up with AMA and the FAA.

2) No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs of any kind are allowed at the DBRCA field or surrounding property.

3) Entrance gate must be locked at ALL times.  Lock the gate behind you when you enter, and exit, the property.  This is a requirement of the property owner.

4)Only DBRCA members and their guests bearing a current AMA membership card may fly at the DBRCA field.  A guest may visit the field five times prior to being asked to join as a regular member. Family members or annual visitors should be reviewed with officers for exceptions.

5) Please take your trash home with you!

6) Have fun and always keep safety in mind!

Flight Related Rules:

1) No more than four aircraft may be flying at any one time, and only one helicopter on the helicopter pad.

2) All pilots must have an AMA card with club sticker at all times.

3) Any pilot still using 72mhz frequency must obtain a frequency pin from the impound area when flying or working on a plane.  Any pilot using spectrum band radios in the 2.4ghz range do not need to impound radio.

4) Flight tables are for assembling aircraft and fueling only. Do not start or run engine if pilot is using the flight station in front of your plane/table.

5) All pilots must stand in the pilot box safety area when flying. 

6) Do not fly model aircraft in presence of spectators until being checked out by the safety officer or training officer, unless being assisted by an experienced pilot.

7) Pilot or spotter must give verbal notice when taking off or landing. Pilots with aircraft in the air have priority over any pilot in staging area.

8) Spotter is strongly suggested to maintain all safety requirements while pilot is flying.

9) Do not fly past ditch on south end of the field.

10) Pilots should perform their initial turn after takeoff away from the pit area.  

11) Pilots should never perform maneuvers or landing approaches over the pit area, parking area, spectator area, helicopter pad, or pilot area.

12) Pilots choosing to however must do so away from the flight stations.  If no other planes are flying, they may hover over the runway. If other planes are flying, the hover must be done on west side of runway.

13) Helicopter pilots my hover and fly over the helicopter pad.

14)Engine break-ins are to be done in the designated area.

The Gate:

Because the field is located on county land, we are required to keep the gate locked at all times, even if members are flying.  If you are a visitor, feel free to wait outside the gate between 8:45-9:30am.  That is your best bet to find a member going in. You are welcome to check the field out while a member is there, but unless you are a guest or member you cannot fly.