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Field Rules & ByLaws

Daytona Beach RC Association (DBRCA) Field Rules:

1. No alcoholic beverages allowed at the DBRCA field.

2. Entrance gate is to be locked at all times following entry. Do not leave the gate unlocked for guests.

3. Flying Hours Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30 pm /Sat. and Sun. 9am to 2:30 pm (electrics can fly before 9 am). Internal combustion powered aircraft with displacements at or below .61 ci for 2-cycle or 1.20 ci for 4-cycle engines may fly after 8:30 AM.

4. Only DBRCA pilots in possession of an AMA card and FAA UAS registration number may fly at the
DBRCA Field. All pilots must exhibit demonstrated ability to a club officer or established member,
with their aircraft, to fly unmonitored. Guests of members without these credentials may only fly under
the direct supervision of the hosting DBRCA member. Each guest is limited to five (5) visits before
being asked to join the club.

5. No more than four(4) aircraft in the air at one time and one (1) helicopter at the helicopter pad.
Helicopters may fly off the main runway observing the traffic flow of aircraft. Hovering of aircraft may
be done over the grass runway if no other aircraft are in the air.

6. The pavilion area is for assembling models only. No fueling or running of engines or electric motors.
The flight stands are for fueling and running of engines and motors. Do not start your engine or run up
a model with a pilot in the pilot box in front of you. Engine break-ins are to be done in the designated

7. Standing in the pilot's box and using a spotter is highly recommended but not mandatory. FPV
pilot's must have a spotter per AMA Doc. 550. All pilots MUST stand East of the painted or assumed
line formed at the back of the pilot box. All flight off the main runway must be performed West of the
pilot's boxes. If no other aircraft are operating off the main runway, pilots may execute a takeoff, hand
launch or taxi test standing on the runway. Immediately after take off pilots must retreat East of the
painted or assumed line.

8. Pilots should perform their intitial turn after take off away from the pit area and not perform
maneuvers or landing approaches over the parking area, spectator area, pits, helicopter pad or pilot

9. Do not fly past the ditch at the South end of the field.

10. After landing pilots may taxi up to but not past the flight stands. The area between the flight stands
and Pilot's boxes is an aircraft movement area. Be vigilant! Shut down engines as soon as practical.

11. Pilot or spotter must give verbal notice of take offs and landings. Pilots and aircraft in the air have
priority over all other pilots and staged aircraft. Vocalize your intensions!

12. There is no flying allowed when field maintenance is being performed.

13. All animals must be leashed; clean up after your pet.

14. Please take your trash with you. Smoking is not permitted under the pavilions or in the pit areas.

15. Operation of fueled, turbine-engine aircraft is prohibited.

ByLaws - Updated 2023


The charter of this corporation will serve as its constitution and all business and activities of this organization will be governed by the charter. This charter shall be perpetual.


The name of this organization is “Daytona Beach Radio Control Association, Inc.” hereinafter known as DBRCA. The DBRCA is a non-profit organization incorporated in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. The articles of incorporation have been approved and are filed in the Office of the Secretary of State.



The purpose and objectives of the DBRCA are to promote radio control of model aircraft in the Daytona Beach area and to aid insofar as possible the continual advance of radio control model aircraft in the United States. All special or local enterprises of the DBRCA will conform to the policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration, as applicable.




Any resident of the United States that carries a valid AMA or IMAC membership. Non-Residents visiting the US that wish to join the DBRCA or simply fly with us temporarily, must be enrolled in the AMA as an Affiliate Member.



An applicant for membership or Junior membership must hold a current AMA license.



(a) ACTIVE (FULL) MEMBERS: A Full member shall be 18 years of age or older. Full members shall have the right to vote and also hold elected office if dues are paid up to date. A Spouse holding membership qualifies as a Full member.


(b) JUNIOR MEMBERS: A junior member shall be under the age of 18 at the time of application for membership. Junior members must be sponsored by their parent or guardian, who will sign for them and agree to bear the burden of legal responsibilities to the DBRCA. Junior members in good standing will be elevated to Full membership status on their 18th birthday. Dues will be increased from that date.


(c) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: An Associate membership may be extended to individuals or business/political organizations who are interested in the promotion of radio control activities and the promotion of DBRCA but are not active model fliers. All applicants for Associate Membership shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Associate members are exempt from any requirements concerning the payment of fees, dues, meeting attendance, AMA and FCC licenses, etc. Associate members are ineligible to vote.


(d) STUDENT MEMBERS: A Student Member shall be a registered and enrolled college student or Trade School student when the Student Membership is applied for. The Student Member is afforded the same rights and privileges as a Full Member; initiation fees and annual dues are reduced as specified on the membership application. In no case can a Student Membership be held for more than 5 years (for College) or 3 years (for Trade School,) and the Student must be less than 30 years of age at the start of the calendar year. Exceptions to the length and age requirements can be waived by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis if, for instance, follow-on advanced education (Masters or PhD) is being pursued.


(e) LIFETIME MEMBERS: A Lifetime Membership may be awarded to a Full member of DBRCA that has consistently and over an extended period of time, devoted significant time and effort to the benefit of DBRCA. The recipient must be a Full member in good standing, nominated at a regular business meeting, and approved by a simple majority of the members present. Lifetime members are not subject to annual dues but are otherwise equivalent to a Full membership.



An initiation fee will be charged to all new members, to be submitted with an application for membership. Annual dues are payable in full by December 31st of each year. The specific fees charged for initiation and annual dues are specified on the Membership Application.


(a) The spouse of a Full member will be required to pay $30.00 per year. No initiation fee is required of the spouse.


(b) Junior members shall not be required to pay any initiation fee but are required to pay $5.00 annual dues, payable in full by December 31st of each year.


(c) Associate, Honorary, or Lifetime members will not pay initiation fees or dues.


(d) Full members, excluding spouses and Junior members, joining on or after the regular July meeting date, will pay the regular initiation fee and one-half of the annual fee. If joining on or after the November meeting date, they will pay the full initiation fee and yearly dues, which will provide full membership through the following year.


(e) The Board of Directors, by a majority vote, may assess each member up to a maximum of $50.00 per year when required.


SECTION 5 – ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF MEMBERSHIP: Upon approval of the prospective member by the Board of Directors, the Secretary will notify the member and his/he name will be entered on the DBRCA membership roster.



A delinquent member is one who has not paid his/her dues by December 31st of each year or has failed to renew their AMA membership. The delinquent member will be notified by the Secretary that he or she has been dropped from the membership roster.


SECTION 7 – REINSTATEMENT OF A DROPPED MEMBER: A Full member may be reinstated only by making formal application for a new membership and paying the current initiation fee. The Full member may make a formal application IN WRITING to the Board of Directors, stating why he or she failed to remain active. The Board will decide whether to accept the application and allow him/her to regain membership by paying back dues. A Junior member may be reinstated by paying all dues in arrears up to a maximum amount equal to the current initiation fee for Full members.



SECTION 1 – Officers:

The officers of the DBRCA shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The regular term of office for all officers shall be for one year, or until relieved by a duly elected successor.



In the event the Office of the President is vacated, the Vice President shall advance to the Presidency. The positions of the Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, if vacated, shall be filled by a special election.



The Board of Directors shall consist of the current elected officers plus the immediate past President, and such other members as the President may deem necessary.




The annual election shall be held meeting of the DBRCA in November of each year. Members must attend at least TWO meetings within the current calendar year prior to the November election date to be eligible to vote.



The months before the scheduled elections of officers, the President shall appoint a nominating committee composed of three members. The committee shall submit to the membership a slate of two candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, each of whim the nominating committee shall have determined to be qualified and willing to serve in the position to which they are nominated. Nominations may also be accepted from the floor and are encouraged. To be qualified for nomination, the person shall have been a Full member in good standing for no less than the 36 consecutive months preceding the date of the election. (Prior to 1/1/23, only 12 consecutive months are required.)



The nominating committee shall prepare the ballots and conduct the election, serving as tellers and supervisors. The individual ballots shall be kept secret.



The results of the election shall be announced immediately. All DBRCA property shall be transferred from the incumbent officers to the newly elected officers immediately following the December meeting. Prior to transfer of the DBRCA financial records and funds, an audit will be performed by a committee appointed by the newly-elected President, Discrepancies will be resolved or presented to the membership for discussion and resolution.




The President shall preside at all meetings and appoint committees as deemed necessary. The President shall prescribe the duties of all committees unless governed by specific regulations. The President shall receive FREE membership as long as he/she remains in office.



The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and shall be Chairman of the Program Committee. The Vice President shall receive FREE membership as long as he/she remains in office.



The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings and attend to all DBRCA correspondence. He/she shall keep an attendance record of members at each meeting and shall notify those members who are delinquent in their dues, resulting in the loss of DBRCA privileges. The Secretary shall submit the Minutes of each club meeting to the Editor for inclusion of the DBRCA Newsletter on a monthly basis. In the absence of a DBRCA Newsletter, the Secretary will e-mail the Minutes to each member. A vote by the membership at the meeting may choose not to have specific items inserted in the Newsletter. The Secretary shall receive FREE membership as long as he/she remains in office.



TREASURER: The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and receive all funds. He/she shall maintain the DBRCA bank account and sign all disbursements. He/she shall furnish a monthly financial report. He/she shall notify the Secretary of members who are delinquent in their dues. The Treasurer shall receive FREE membership as long ans he/she remains in office.


(a) Specific disbursement of all funds shall be authorized by a simple majority vote of the membership at any meeting.


(b) In the event the DBRCA becomes inactive, it shall be the duty of the remaining officers to dissolve the corporation and notify the Secretary of the State of Florida. DBRCA assets and funds shall be prorated among the active members remaining at the time of dissolution, such prorating to be based on the number of years of membership of each active member.



Regular meetings shall be held once each month, at a date, time, and location specified by the President. The President may call special meetings by notification of the membership. The Secretary will ensure all members are notified of the date, time, and location of all meetings. Failure of the Secretary to ensure members are notified in advance shall not nullify and procedures conducted at any meeting where a quorum is present.



A quorum shall consist of one-third of the active members, or by majority agreement of those active members present. No business may be transacted unless a quorum is present.



The rule of parliamentary practice comprised in ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER shall govern the proceedings of DBRCA, subject to special rules which have been or may be adopted in the future.



The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of active members present at any regular or special meeting which has been called for that purpose. Any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the DBRCA membership at the previous regular meeting.



Operation of fueled, turbine-engine aircraft is prohibited. Other restrictions are specified in the Field Rules.

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